Why Mauritius?

Mauritius is a gorgeous tropical island in the Indian Ocean, with a year-round temperate climate with 10 – 12 hours of light per day.

Mauritius is part of the group of islands which include Madagascar, Mayotte, Comoros, the Maldives, Seychelles, and Reunion (part of France). It is strategically placed between Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, and is easily accessible from international destinations by many air carriers, and by sea.

It has a sophisticated 1st world infrastructure (roads, Metro, internet), world class hospitality and accommodation, and a strong financial and legal ecosystem. Mauritius is a multi-cultural society where freedom of expression and religion are enshrined in the Westminster based Constitution.

Mauritius is well known for its world class hospitality and an easy destination for film and television productions.

Since the advent of the EDB Rebate in 2013, an average of 20 films / series have been produced per year.

Reasons to film in Mauritius include:

Airlines Multiple airline access daily
Completion Bond Locally based Completion Guarantor
Cost 20 – 30% less expensive than Europe & South Africa
Covid Established Covid Film Protocols & low Covid environment
Crew & Cast Experienced local crew & cast talent pool
Film Equipment Respected global company locally based; Extensive camera, lights & grip equipment
Film Rebate Economic Development Board (EDB) Film Rebate
Financial Established financial and banking infrastructure
Languages English, French and Creole
Legal system Established legal community & infrastructure
Locations Beaches, jungle, urban city-scapes, period & modern architecture
Low Tax regime Maximum 15% corporate tax
Highly rated Ease of doing business, air quality, safety & security
Hospitality Well-known world class Hospitality industry
Insurance Experienced local Insurance companies
Weather All year-round filming in temperate climate & 12 hours light
Proximity to Africa - 4 hours • India - 6 hours • Europe - 12 hours